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CorroWot Articles

Corrowot is our own design general sport Spad, it is an ideal sunday flyer and would make a great second model/aileron trainer, it is similar in concept to the venerable Chris Foss WOT4, and we had this model in mind when we made it. Corrowot is a stable flyer with low rates but will do the usual aerobatic manouvers with bigger control movements, move the C of G back a little and she will do some very good flat spins.

How Corrowot came about

One wet and windy bank holiday Monday Derek and myself decided that as flying was out, we would start a new SPAD project. We wanted to make something that would be a general Sunday sport model, easy to fly but aerobatic and would make a good second model/advanced trainer. Here in the UK that space is usually filled by the Chris Foss designs WOT4, an excellent sport model, there aren't many modelers who haven't owned one at some time or other, myself included. Derek had been thinking about a way to fold a correx fuselage using a router to 'V' the correx, and we wanted to make something to try his idea out.

How we built Version one

The first version of CorroWot flew well but there were a few things we wanted to change, just one or two dimensions and also the way the fuselage was made. Here's how we made the first version.

CorroWot Version 1 Video

A video of Corrowot Version 1 can be downloaded form the Video section, two file sizes are available for Broad band and Dial up users.

The Video is of Vic and Derek flying the Corrowot and shows how well she flies, even with completely inept pilots!! ;-) Click Here to go to the Corrowot video section.

CorroWot Plan Pack

The CorroWot Plan Pack can be downloaded from the SPAD Plans section. It contains screen shots of the various sections of the plan in .gif format which can be viewed or printed from any standard image viewer and the entire plan in two different CAD formats, .dxf and .dwg which can be loaded into most CAD software so that the plan can be plotted or scaled to a different size if required. Click Here to download the CorroWot plan's

Building instructions :: Making the Wing
So far two different sizes of wing have been used on CorroWot, a 48" wing and a 53" wing. These instructions are based on the 53" wing used on CorroWot V1, it works fine on CorroWot V2 and is probably the best wing to make for CorroWot, if your short on 2mm corro then make the 48" wing, if you've got plenty of 2mm I would reccomend the 53", it is much smoother flying with the wider span. Use these instructions as a general guide to construction a symetrical SPAD wing and substitute the dimensions with the wing size you are making, the basic dimensions are shown on the plan.
Building instructions :: Making the Tail

The tail section is made from 4mm correx, the fin is a single piece but the tail plane (horizontal stab) is laminated together from two layers with the flutes on each layer running at 90 degrees to each other. 

Building instructions :: Making the Fuselage

The fuselage is made up like a box, small strips of balsa are used in the corners to reinforce the joint, this is quick and easy to make and very strong, the outside edges of the corners can b covered in vinyl later if you want.

More CorroWot Videos

More videos of  CorroWot can be downloaded from the video section. Most videos are available in two formats, Low resolution and Hi resolution, try and download the Hi res version if your connection speed allows they are much better quality.

Click here to go to the CorroWot video section.


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