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Manuals and useful documents

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An expanding collection of RC model Aircraft plans, covering most types from warbirds to 3D, SPAD's to gliders, Electric and IC.

Free to download, the plans un-zip into .dxf or .dwg format, there are programs available in the 'Software' section to view, edit or print these plans, there are also many other free CAD programs available elsewhere on the web.

In most cases a preview image of the model or screenshot of the plan is shown on the left of the list, clicking on this image enlarges it.

Please Note : These plans are supplied 'as is' the majoritory of them are by other people, they are 'freeware' and they have not been tested by the owners or members of this site, if you have any problems with any of the plans on this site then you must contact the original designer, in most cases contact details are supplied on the plan. Please follow all safety rules for your country regarding RC models, if you are not sure about anything you must ask a more experienced person for advice. This site cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by building any model using these plans, by downloading a plan from this site you are deemed to be agreeing with this statement.

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Useful software, spreadsheets, e.t.c.

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